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Approval of Bremner

On March 22, 2016, Council endorsed the Growth Management Strategy for the Urban Reserve Area (Bremner). On May 24, 2016, Council held a public hearing and gave first reading to Bylaw 15-2016. The purpose of this Bylaw was to clearly identify within the County’s Municipal Development Plan the inclusion of Bremner into the Urban Service Area of the County.

As required by the Capital Region Board, after receiving first reading of Bylaw 15-2016, the Bylaw was sent to the Capital Region Board for Regional Evaluation. On July 25, 2016, Bylaw 15-2016 received approval from the Capital Region Board as it was deemed to be in conformance with the principles and policies of the Capital Region Growth Plan.

On October 25, 2016, Council gave Bylaw 15-2016 second and third readings, approving and clearly identifying within the County’s Municipal Development Plan the inclusion of Bremner into the Urban Service Area of the County.

On March 22, 2016 Council endorsed the Urban Reserve (Bremner) as its next area for urban development. Now administration will develop an Area Concept Plan as the next step in more detailed planning for Bremner.

As a result, Council has directed administration to include consideration of land use options within the rural/urban transition policy area (Colchester) in the current Municipal Development Plan Update.

More information regarding the Bremner Area Concept Plan will be provided in the coming months. The July 12 Priorities Committee Meeting agenda can be found here providing Bremner Area Concept Plan next steps. Although the document has been endorsed, the Area Concept Plan must be completed prior to the county accepting any new applications for Area Structure Plans, rezoning or subdivision within the boundaries of the Urban Reserve (Bremner) area.

Growth Management Strategies

Following the completion of Growth Management Strategies for both the Bremner and Colchester areas, a comparison matrix of the two growth nodes was provided to Council on March 22, 2016 to assist in their decision on where to grow. Although growth management strategies were completed for both the Bremner and Colchester areas; only the Bremner Growth Management Strategy was endorsed by Council to proceed to the next stage of planning. 

View the Bremner Growth Management Strategy

Printable version of endorsed Bremner Growth Management Strategy (12.9 MB)



A growth management strategy is a high-level document that describes and illustrates a vision, community design concept and set of policy directions intended to guide more detailed planning should the county decide to proceed with development. 

It identifies potential locations for residential neighbourhoods, commercial areas and employment areas. It also identifies potential locations for major roads and other infrastructure networks, such and water and wastewater servicing.

Information in the growth management strategies assisted Council in comparing how growth could occur between different areas in the County. The growth management strategies also provided a foundation that will inform the process moving forward.


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