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Conservation of significant landforms like rivers and creeks is essential to the continued enhancement of the quality of air, water, land and natural systems. Green infrastructure and alternative energy support the enhancement and protection of natural landscapes. Urban agriculture offers opportunities for social interaction and an alternative food source for some individuals.

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  • 1. Public agriculture

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    Public Agriculture refers to food grown in public spaces that are generally meant as a public or shared amenity.

    This includes both urban orchards and community gardens. Community gardens are garden plots used and maintained by a group of people within a neighbourhood which contribute to a sense of community.

  • 2. Alternative energy

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    Alternative energy sources are those that are generated in ways that do not deplete natural resources or harm the environment.

  • 3. Green infrastructure

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    Green infrastructure works with the environment and existing natural systems to reduce the impact that development has on the landscape.

    This can be done through the use of Low Impact Development or (LID) technologies such as rooftop gardens and bioswales which incorporates the use of natural landscape features that contribute to local hydrology into urban design.

  • 4. Open space

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    Open space provides social and environmental benefits. Open space may include natural areas, active and passive recreational areas and outdoor community gathering spaces.

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