Water, power access

Water Access

Process (Raw) Water

The main regulatory agency for water use, withdrawal and return is Alberta Environment, a provincial department. Alberta Environment provides the approvals for water withdrawal and treated waste-water return.

Below is the contact information for the key people at Alberta Environment that could answer your questions on this matter. Additionally, the contacts listed here can assist you on other aspects of your environmental permitting (i.e. air and waste issues).

Information about the Water Act

Potable (treated) Water

Strathcona County can assist you in determining the potable water needs for your company. Please contact:

Todd Wyman
Director, Utilities Strathcona County 
Phone: 780-464-8175
Email: Todd.Wyman@strathcona.ca

Power access

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland has a robust electrical system. The electrical transmission system in Alberta is regulated by the Alberta Electrical System Operator” (AESO), which sets transmission rates and the cost for extending the system to new operations. 

There are a variety of methods, and options, for how extensions are financed. This usually involves a cost sharing agreement between the customer and the AESO based on the size of the load, distance of the extension and timelines of the project. For an operation of your load demand, a separate sub-station would be required. You can either pay for this individually, or enter into a cost sharing agreement with the AESO.

More information on power tariffs

The electrical grid in the Heartland is operated by a company called Altalink, who can provide you with specific information on electrical connections, cost and processes.

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