Community Builders during COVID-19: We’re all in this “jam” together!

A "sweet" connection

Community Builders during COVID-19: We’re all in this “jam” together!

We’re all in this “jam” together!

During this time, I think we’re all in need of a good story about connection and, of course, in need of a good pun.

The Social Action team interviewed Cheyenne, a recipient for the COVID-19 Community Connection Microgrant. Cheyenne and her daughter assembled and dropped off over 20 jars of jams in her neighbourhood to spark a “sweet” connection.

Kristyn: What a safe way to connect with your neighbours during this time. Where did this idea come from?

Cheyenne: Many of us are looking for ways to make a difference. It’s who I want to be; someone who makes the world a better place no matter how tiny the action. It’s important to connect with other people.

I had thought about doing something that reminds people that they aren’t alone and to do a little something that brightens their day.  We love jam in our house, so I thought, “who wouldn’t want a jar of jam?”

K: What happened next?

C: One Sunday my daughter helped wrap the jars up and attach a note that said “Hi neighbour! Enjoy a sweet gift! Even though these times are challenging, we are all in this ‘jam’ together” We ended up delivering these all over our neighbourhood.  

The results were amazing – we had neighbours thank us and even left gifts on our doorstep. When you start doing something like this, it can be contagious. It doesn’t have to be a huge ask either, it can start with something small. Kindness is catching – it’s something that snowballs!

K: Why do you think this was important to do?

C: I feel we are lucky to have a family of 5 – we are all stuck in this together. But there’s so many people by themselves that you care for – we aren’t meant to be alone and that’s why social connection is so important.

Especially right now – back in March and back in the summer, we banded together, and it feels like we really need to do that again. Let’s make this life a little better right now for everyone.

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