Image of a can of eco coat paint with a selection of colour swatches.

Environmentally friendly paint available at Broadview Enviroservice Station

Protecting the environment can be as simple as buying a can of paint! EcoCoat is a 100% recycled paint made from unused latex paint. Every gallon purchased prevents the equivalent of 115 pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

EcoCoat is durable, high quality, and can be used just like any regular latex paint. Great for both indoor and outdoor projects, EcoCoat can be used on walls, ceilings, trim, fences, and any other surface where latex paint would normally be applied.

EcoCoat features:

  • Eggshell finish
  • Washable quality (after 30 day curing period)
  • Resistant to moisture and fading
  • Up to 50% less cost than comparable non-recycled latex

Purchase EcoCoat for your next project

EcoCoat is available for purchase at Broadview Enviroservice Station.
101 Broadview Road, Sherwood Park

Cost: $20.00 per gallon (GST included), cash only

Available colours are:

  • Wheatfield (Beige)
  • Cumulous (White)

Note: colours are not guaranteed to be in stock

How EcoCoat is made

Unwanted paint is collected from paint drop-off sites and brought to EcoCoat’s facility. There, the original containers of paint are opened, sorted by colour, and batched together, filtered, and repackaged ready for sale. Quality control ensures high standards for colour and quality are met.

Environmental benefits

Old paint is often disposed of by either dumping hardened paint into landfills, or by incineration which releases pollution into the atmosphere. With EcoCoat the paint is recycled and reused, preventing pollution and landfill contributions.

EcoCoat helps the environment by:

  • Reducing waste
  • Reducing greenhouse gas and pollution emissions
  • Reducing the consumer’s environmental footprint
  • Recycling the original paint’s metal and plastic containers

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