Living by a stormwater pond

Living by a stormwater pond has many benefits but also comes with responsibility. 

Directing the flow of water on your property

It is important to make sure the water on your property is flowing and draining properly. When water isn’t draining properly, it can cause problems for you and your neighbours’ property. The ground may not be able to absorb water and this could result in significant erosion or sloughing around property lines. 

Learn more about the surface drainage bylaw

Weeping tile and downspouts

When your property is backing onto a stormwater pond, it is especially important that you do not direct your weeping tile and downspouts directly into the stormwater pond. 

Let water drain naturally. Stormwater ponds are designed and built to have larger amounts of water enter at certain points and at a certain flow rate. When water from downspouts or weeping tile are directed at the stormwater pond, it increases the rate of flow causing erosion. Overtime, this could lead to significant problems. It could be the homeowners’ responsibility to pay for the costs to repair the affected area. 

Stormwater ponds and wetlands are important assets to our community and must not be drained, filled or altered without written approval from the Province of Alberta and Strathcona County. Please refer to the Wetland Policy for more details. 


Naturalization is an ecologically based landscape management approach. Through planting species native to the area, naturalization restores environmental integrity to urban landscapes. Stormwater ponds are ideal locations for naturalization projects, as it enhances their key role as a natural filter. You can support the process of naturalization by contacting Environmental Planning to learn more and discuss a site specific naturalization plan for your property.

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