Low-flush toilets

Compare your toilet's water use!

Chart showing water use in litres per month of different toilet models.

Ultra-low-flush toilets are designed to use only 6 litres of water per flush! This is significantly less water than conventional toilets which can use over 22 litres (think of 10 two-litre pop bottles!) of water per flush.

Why should you buy and install an ultra-low-flush toilet?
To conserve water and to enjoy substantial dollar savings on your water bill! An average family can save 25 per cent or more of the total water used inside their home by replacing older toilets with ultra-low-flush models.

Typically, 29 per cent of water used in residential buildings is used for toilet flushing. Since toilets can last as long as 20 years, the potential water and dollar savings over the lifetime of an ultra-low-flush toilet are substantial.

How much water does your toilet use?
If you are unsure how much water your toilet uses each time you flush, here are some simple ways to figure it out:

  1. Read your water meter
    Look at your water meter, flush the toilet, and look at the meter reading again. The number of litres that the reading has changed is the number of litres your toilet is using.
  2. Take a measurement
    Image of a toilet tank showing how to measure it's width, depth and height.

    Measure the toilet tank's length (cm) X width (cm) X depth of the water line (cm).
    For example: 50cm (length) X 20 cm (width) X 22 cm (depth of water line) = 22,000 cm3 or 22,000 ml or 22.0 litres 
  3. Manually fill the tank
    Simply mark the water level inside the toilet tank, turn off the water supply to the toilet and flush the toilet so that no water remains in the tank. Using a graduated container, such as a measuring cup, fill the tank back up to the water level you previously marked. (Be sure to keep track of how many times you filled the graduated container!) To calculate the toilet's flush volume, multiply the number of times you filled the graduated container by the volume the graduated container holds.

Please do your part to conserve water...every drop counts.

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