You save paper. We plant a tree!

Illustration of a forest with a smiling moose and a note over one of the trees from Vanessa dedicating it to her family.

Sign up to receive your County utility bill electronically,* and you will assist forest growth in Strathcona County.

*for new eBill signup customers only. Quantities limited, first-come, first-served. 

Sign up

Join the thousands of residents who have already signed up for eBilling. Choosing eBilling over paper helps to reduce postage costs, paper consumption and provides customers with a convenient, electronic view of their billing information.

To recognize your contribution to the environment, you will be able to dedicate a virtual tree to a special person, in our virtual online forest.

When you sign up to receive eBills, you will receive an email from Strathcona County with a link to personalize a message for your virtual tree.

A real tree will also be planted at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre.

To personalize your message, visit the virtual forest, enter the code in the email and you can dedicate your virtual tree to a special person or write a message. Your personal message will be part of a digital forest where you can see the difference you are making.

Visit the virtual forest

Head on over to the virtual forest and see the virtual trees and the personalized messages! 

eBilling supports healthy forests

eBilling plants trees in the Strathcona Wilderness Centre forest to support our healthy environment. These trees are not dedicated individually nor linked to your virtual tree.

If you wish to honour a loved one, event or occasion with an actual tree, you can participate in Strathcona County's Parkland Memorial program.

Strathcona County’s tree gift program uses a third party site of WEARTH called hosted by Dreamhost. If you choose to use your Tree Code you will be directed to the site. Any information you provide to will not be shared with Strathcona County. Please be advised that any dedication you choose to make will be publicly available on site.  If you have any questions about the site, please review WEARTH’s privacy policy.

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