Strathcona County Reduction of Abandoned Products (SCRAP) Initiative

The majority of residents in Strathcona County are genuinely concerned with the effects of unnatural material on the landscape and environment.

A significant concern is the increasing amount of vegetated land in the County covered by abandoned or accumulated metal materials, both in the urban and rural areas of the County. While most citizens want to do what’s right for the environment, they may have found it too costly to remove or simply don’t know where this material can be properly recycled.

Items such as abandoned vehicles, farm and industrial equipment, household appliances, yard equipment, pipe, oil drums and scrap metal have been seen all over the County. Many of these items contain petroleum based products such as oil, gasoline, diesel, grease, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid and battery acid that will eventually leak from their respective reservoirs and containers.

These contaminants have the potential to leech into the soil, and in many circumstances could find their way into the surrounding wetlands, watercourses, lakes and groundwater. This has direct impacts on water treatment costs, biological function of species in the Country, and overall public health.

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) devotes a section to Environmental Management where the County states they support cooperative efforts to ensure the quality of water, land, air and other natural resources found within the region. 

The Strathcona County Reduction of Abandoned Products (SCRAP) Program is designed to be cost effective by creating partnerships with industry donations in conjunction with government grants to fully implement the program with little or no cost to Strathcona County taxpayers.

SCRAP Program Final Report

The primary aspects of the SCRAP program are:

  • Creating a program to remove these abandoned products from private properties within the County for disposal or recycling
  • Creating a robust communication strategy to inform and educate residents of the problem of environmental contamination of various wetlands within Strathcona County
  • Formalizing partnerships with industry, NGO’s, provincial governments, and the County residents to sustain the communication strategy
  • Reviewing and revising existing bylaws to focus on the environmental impacts of abandoned products on the landscape
  • Facilitating a flexible program that allows residents to organize the removal on their own, or provide County resources to facilitate removal.

What Items Go Where?

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