Environmental Management Program

The Environmental Management Program has two main areas of focus:

  • To monitor and manage old landfills and nuisance grounds
  • To remediate public service sites

What is the difference between landfills and nuisance grounds? All landfills are considered nuisance grounds, however not all nuisance grounds are classified as a landfill. In relation to the Environmental Management Program they are classified differently according to the type of waste that was accepted. There are currently five decommissioned landfill and/or nuisance ground sites in Strathcona County.

The program works to ensure that decommissioned sites look like those below:

decommissioned nuisance ground


High Ridge Place 
decommissioned nuisance ground


Even though the sites are no longer active, they still need to be monitored and properly managed in order to remove possible contamination through remediation and work toward reclaiming the area for new uses.

Contamination or pollution is a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects.  Biological, chemical, physical or radiological substances that are normally absent from the environment, which in sufficient concentration can adversely affect living organisms through air, water, soil and/or food.

Remediation is the removal of contaminants from soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water for the general protection of human health and the environment.

Reclamation is the process of restoring a previously contaminated area to a more natural state.

Environmental Management Program Projects
The Deermound Off Leash Dog Park is an example of a decommissioned and reclaimed landfill - the park was formerly the site of the Highway 21 Landfill.

During construction


Reclaimed off leash dog park


Current projects
Sherwood Park and Josephburg both have Public Service Yards that have been impacted by storage practices. These areas have handled salts and fuels, which can leach into the soil and make their way into surrounding wetlands, watercourses, lakes and groundwater. Strathcona County is actively monitoring these sites and removing contamination to mitigate environmental impacts.  

Environmental Planning
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