About community energy

  • 1. What is community energy?

    Community energy is a system that delivers heat to a number of buildings from a central source.

    Each building connected to the system receives the energy through an energy transfer station, technically known as a plate heat exchanger.

  • 2. How does Strathcona County use community energy?

    Strathcona County’s system uses hot water heated by boilers. The water is delivered through underground, insulated pipes to heat individual buildings.

    The boilers and other equipment are housed in the Energy Centre which is located in central Sherwood Park: an area known as Centre in the Park.

    The water used in the system returns to the Energy Centre after it has heated a building. At the Centre it is re-heated and re-distributed. This closed-loop system allows for efficient production and distribution of energy.

  • 3. What are the benefits to a community energy system?

    • A central location to heat the system eliminates the need for individual boilers at each building.
    • The system reduces greenhouse gases by 18% each year in comparison to conventional heating systems.
    • The system can be powered by natural gas or use biomass (wood waste and agricultural residues) as fuel to heat the system.
  • 4. What buildings are currently connected to the system?

    • County Hall
    • Festival Place
    • Kinsmen Leisure Centre
    • Sherwood Park Arena and Sports Centre and its recreation office
    • Residential condo buildings in Centre in the Park

Strathcona County's Community Energy Centre


"Leeding" the way!

The Community Energy Centre has been designed and constructed to the LEED® Silver (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard. The Centre was the first LEED® certified building in Strathcona County.

Did you know that our energy system is considered a platform for future innovation and technology?

Building features

  • Building area: 305 square metres (3,300 square feet)
  • No trees were removed during construction
  • Architectural design to match Centre in the Park

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