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Special Ballots

We are now accepting Special Ballot requests.

Eligible voters may request a Special Ballot, if they are:

  • physically incapacitated;
  • absent from Strathcona County; OR
  • an election worker or official

On Monday, October 16, 2017, Strathcona County residents will have an opportunity to vote for a Mayor, Councillor, and School Trustees.

 To be eligible to vote, you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • a Canadian citizen;

  • a resident of Alberta for the six (6) consecutive months immediately preceding election day; and

  • a resident of Strathcona County on Election Day.

Find out where to vote on Election Day.

"Where to Vote" cards will be delivered to all Strathcona County homes at the beginning of October. These cards contain information on voter eligibility, candidate contact information, advance voting opportunities, and the location of the voting station assigned to your area.


Rules of Employers / Employees
(Section 58 of the Local Authorities Election Act)

An employee, who is eligible to vote, is entitled to have three consecutive hours for the purpose of casting a vote while the voting stations are open on Election Day.  If the hours of the employee's employment do not allow for three consecutive hours, the employer must allow the employee any additional time that is necessary to provide the three consecutive hours.  This additional time for voting is granted at the convenience of the employer.  No deduction from the pay of an employee can be made by the employer and no penalty can be imposed on the employee because of the employee's absence from working during the three consecutive hours or any part of the three hours. 


Election Office
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Phone: 780-400-2017
Fax: 780-464-8194

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