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About community energy

What is it?

Community energy is a system that delivers heat to a number of buildings from a central source. Strathcona County's system uses hot water heated by boilers in the Energy Centre, delivered through underground insulated pipes to heat individual buildings. The hot water is heated by natural gas.

The Energy Centre houses the boilers and the other equipment for the system.

Each building connected to the system receives the energy through an energy transfer station, technically known as a plate heat exchanger. The water returns to the Energy Centre to be re-heated and re-distributed. This closed-loop system allows for efficient production and distribution of energy.

Having one central location to heat the system, eliminates the need for individual boilers at each building.

Why build a community energy system?

Environmental benefits
The highly efficient system would reduce greenhouse gases by 18 per cent per year compared with a conventional heating system.

Efficiency and savings
The boilers in the Energy Centre will be a high-efficiency unit that uses the latest in technology. The total number of boilers in the buildings connected to the system is also reduced, with central boilers eliminating the need for individual boilers in each building.

Buildings that are connected to the system

  • County Hall, Festival Place, the Kinsmen Leisure Centre (pool), Sherwood Park Arena and Sports Centre and the recreation office
  • Residential condo buildings in Centre in the Park

Buildings that will be connected to the system

  • Future municipal and commercial buildings in the area

Community energy systems are operating in many communities:

  • Hamilton, Ontario
  • Revelstoke, British Columbia
  • Markham, Ontario
  • the Alberta Legislature
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
  • the University of Alberta

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