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Taxi Cab Safety Bylaw FAQ

Taxi Cab Safety Bylaw

Why do we need a bylaw for the taxi cab industry?

There are currently no bylaws or policies in Strathcona County dealing with the regulation of taxi cabs. The safety of passengers and taxi cab drivers is an important aspect of the transportation services that taxi cabs make available to all residents. A need was identified to implement regulations to foster public safety, quality of service and consumer protection for both customers and service providers in the taxi industry. Many other municipalities have similar regulations in place.

When does the Taxi Cab Safety Bylaw come into effect?

The bylaw came into effect on July 1, 2015. Enforcement of the bylaw began on that date.

Why choose a licensed taxi?

Licensed taxi vehicles are subject to regular mechanical inspection and must submit a driver’s abstract, an RCMP Criminal Record check, an RCMP Vulnerable Sector check and proof of insurance coverage.

I am a taxi driver. When can I apply for the permits required to drive a taxi in Strathcona County? How much does it cost?

The County began accepting and processing applications on April 13, 2015. The Taxi Vehicle Permit fee is $450 (valid for one year) and the Taxi Driver’s Permit fee is $100 (valid for two years). Permit application forms are available on the Taxi Permit Application web page or at the Enforcement Services office at 911 Bison Way in Sherwood Park. For more information, contact Enforcement Services 780-449-0170.

How do I know if a taxi is operating legally in Strathcona County?

Image - gr-COMC-TaxiLicencePlate-210x106.jpg

Under the Taxi Cab Safety Bylaw, every taxi vehicle based in Strathcona County must be licensed and must prominently and permanently display:

  • Strathcona County taxi license plate on front of vehicle
  • Vehicle permit sticker affixed to lower left corner of front licence plate
  • Inspection decal on the passenger side window
  • Taxi cab contact information and taxi vehicle number clearly visible on exterior of the vehicle
  • Taxi Driver’s permit showing the driver’s photo and name (located on the interior sun visor)
What do I do if I have reason to believe a taxi vehicle is in contravention of the bylaw?

If you are in doubt about a taxi driver’s compliance with the bylaw, it’s a good idea to note the taxi vehicle number or licence plate number and decline to ride in that vehicle. You could also ask the driver to show you the permits related to the taxi cab safety bylaw, if these are not already clearly visible.

How do I report a concern or bylaw infraction?

To report a concern or suspected infraction related to the taxi cab safety bylaw, please contact Strathcona County Enforcement Services at 780-449-0170 or visit Enforcement Services at the RCMP detachment at 911 Bison Way in Sherwood Park.

What happens when contravention of this bylaw is reported?

A person who contravenes the bylaw is liable to a fine. If a violation tag is issued in respect to a bylaw offence, the person who commits the offence may pay a fine, ranging from $250 to $1,000, as established by the bylaw.

What is a bandit taxi?

Bandit taxis are vehicles operating as taxis, but without a valid licence. They can be uninsured and unsafe, and the driver has not been screened by a licensing authority. Effective July 1, 2015, bandit taxis are not permitted to operate in Strathcona County and can be reported by calling Strathcona County Enforcement Services at 780-449-0170.

Why are some elements of the industry left out of the bylaw, such as cab fares?

The taxi cab safety bylaw was created to address safety-related issues of concern to taxi drivers and passengers. As such, the bylaw does not regulate other elements of the taxi industry that are unrelated to the safety of drivers and passengers.

Do the regulations in the bylaw apply to limousines and other transportation services such as transportation for seniors?

This bylaw does not apply to limousines and any other vehicle whose seating capacity exceeds 10 adults, including the driver, or vehicles operated solely for the provision of specialized accompaniment and transportation services for seniors and those with disabilities.

Where can I find more information about this bylaw?

You can read the full bylaw here.

You can also call Enforcement Services at 780-449-0170 or visit Enforcement Services at the RCMP detachment at 911 Bison Way in Sherwood Park.

What about ride-sharing services (e.g. Uber), as part of the vehicle for hire industry?

Strathcona County places a high priority on public safety, quality service and consumer protection for both the customer and service providers in the vehicle for hire industry. All vehicle for hire businesses must have commercial vehicle insurance and the operators of these vehicles must have a Class 4 drivers licence. If they do not, they are in violation of provincial legislation. Strathcona County RCMP & Enforcement Services will investigate these violations, once a complaint has been filed in-person at the detachment (911 Bison Way, Sherwood Park). Strathcona County is reviewing this matter in light of technological innovations and the changing vehicle for hire industry, and it will be brought before Council for discussion and direction in the near future.

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